Author Interviews

YALL Teen Ambassador: An interview with Stuart Gibbs, conducted by Leo Viscomi

Were you inspired to write the Spy School series because you were actually an agent in the past? Or is that too much information?

Sadly, I was never a secret agent in the past.  I have simply always been a big fan of James Bond movies.  (Although, if I was a secret agent in the past, I couldn’t really admit that, could I?)

Did you create the idea of Belly Up because of anything in Los Angeles?

I did not create Belly Up because of anything in Los Angeles.  Although I do spend a considerable amount of time at the LA Zoo, which can be very inspirational for writing that series.  (Frankly, I spend a lot of time at zoos all over the country, getting ideas.)

If you were stranded in space, what music and movies would you bring?

I would definitely bring “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” my favorite movie of all time.  I also really like “Some Like It Hot,” “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and “The Incredibles.”  As for music, I do think classical music would work very well in space (and I can write to it, as opposed to music with lyrics), especially Tchaikovsky, but I also really like “Me First and the Gimme Gimmes,” who do extremely good — and very funny — pun covers of all sorts of wonderful songs.